Well the major November holidays are all over with. Thanxgiving, the real thanksgiving, and black friday. I hit the shops for about 20 minutes yesterday, drifting clear of the toys and kitchen area and was in and out with ease. Came home entertained Mikey's folks, laughed, and watched the look of motherly horror spread across Mom's face as they say things like "we saw a lot of action in (insert combat related story here)". We cleaned up, and sent the guest on their way home and waited.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, the food, the chatter and the laughter, but its also the time of year when people go away. It also marks the return. Two years ago was Ross' turn to go but with great luck he returned the weekend before his favorite holiday. This year was Tom's turn, well after dinner we took him and team mate to post and sent them on their way with a short goodbye, hand shakes and hugs. Wish them luck and keep them in your thoughts.

Today we indulge in turkey sammies with Evan and Mu and a little Nashville time tomorrow we CLEAN!!!!

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