Mint Chip

As promised the Mint Chip Pattern
Mint Chip


One Size


2 or 3 balls Lion Brand Lion Wool or another 100% wool worsted weight yarn

US 101/2 needles

4 Stitch Markers

1 button of choice


Not really a huge issue

Cast On: 39 Stitches, K in garter for 40 rows.
Pick up 20 stitches along left edge, 39 across CO edge and 20 sts along right.

Join the sts and work in the round.
Round 1: PM, K 39, PM K20, PM, K39, PM, K20.

Continue until the bag reaches desired hight, remember it will shrink by about 25%.

Decrease before and after PM on the last 2 rounds

BO: BO the front 39 sts, place the next 20 sts on a holder, K39, place the last 20 sts on a holder.

Flap: K39 in stockinette until you're flap in large enough, keep in mind it will shrink a bit.

Strap: Pick up one set of 20 sts and knit in garter until you're strap is large enough for you. Graft the the other 20 sts.

Pocket: CO 39 sts and work in garter for desired number of rows.

FELT!!!!!, felt pocket unattached

Finishing: Sew pocket in to purse with tapestry needle and matching yarn.
Make short crochet chain for button and attach the button to the front.
Stuff full of goodies and wait for people to complement it.

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