Twice the BS

no its not twice the shit, but twice the crap yes. I was told that I was cleared to get my second BS from Austin Peay. That will make me BSM BSMT, wooooooooo whooooooo!!! No that just means that they'll want me to be a shift supervisor, DAMN. Well lets seeee, I've been to state lab all last week, after the super fun night weekend of rivers and spires. Then on friday night I stayed up well past my normal 11 pm bed time, actually until 230 so that I could sleep in until 10 am. I had a good reason, I went to work for the first time. I worked from 2p-2a. This wasn't quite as long as I thought it was going to be. I thought for sure that this would drag on and on but it wasn't bad. Left work at 2 got home at 3 went to bed at 330, totally crapped out. Talked to Ross for about 10 minutes though, which was good. Then I slept until 10 and did it all over again. Actually I got to leave at 10pm so I could get up and go to the state lab and dink around there. SO I managed to have an unproductive weekend. I did get all my laundry and such done on friday night. That also encluded finishing that freaking purple top that I've been knitting for about a decade. The next time I make something like that, I'll take better notes. IT only sorta fits. Today was a really yawner, yet again another thrilling day at the state. Did take a nice walk around and around the building at lunch, more people should do this. Tomorrow I head home for a few days, I'm thrilllllled about this, I leave right after work!!!!!!!!!! In fact I'm down right gitty about it. I hope the weather does well for me. Well then its getting to be bed time. Night

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