Well its all finally over, school that is. I graduated last night in a not so pompous ceremony. It was short sweet and to the point. Now that I have nothing left to do with my time but knit and study, with a little house cleaning thrown in for good measure, I plan on resuming my constant bitching...so here goes......WHOOOO GIVES A RATS ASS ABOUT.....Brad Pitt and whats her butt with the big lips. I don't. Between them and their damn baby, which if you haven't noticed is the coolest new fashion accessory since a cell phone, and being going on and on and on about brittney's stupid kid I just wana scream. Just what we need here, another kid. Just the world needs is a nother spoiled stupid named child. Grrrrrrrrr. Ok ok, well any way. Enough of that. Weather has been down right fun here this past week, almost too hot days with great thunderstorms all night. Yes all night... when I got awakened at mmm 11:56 by a text message... "still awake?" WELL I AM NOW JUST CALL DAMN IT. The lightening was great. My plants are watered and then they get sun, what more could my little citrus bush want!!!! I got lovely flowers from my inlaws yesterday, so now I have a fanstatic Pink flower arrangement to look at. Its very nice. Today brings nothing, completely nothing, if I don't want to do it. But I should. I should go to the library seeing as I can now. OOOo I can walk to the library thats a great Idea. Well its coming up on lunch and I haven't knitted at all yet, oh check out my knitting blog if you care to www.ohsoyouknit.blogspot.com it were all my knitting stuff will go, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to...oh and speaking of reading things......MIKE EMAIL ME. Have a lovely friday.

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