No I haven't turned into a pirate, but I'm close to something. Not sure what it is. I've been to work, to the state lab, to seattle, to the state lab and then this weekend to work again. I'm tired and my glasses keep falling down on my nose. AHHHHHHHHH. there they go again. Other than being stressed, I had a great time in seattle. My flights were good, they went to Denver which was great. Its the perfect half way point, 2.5 hour and 2.5 hours. No real food, but what do you want for 200 bucks. While I was home, we ate a bunch of food which is great!!! Ate at Salty's with the grandparents, that'll stress anyone out. Enjoy great weather is seattle which is crazy. Went home to TN on sunday and it was a whole day of flying but it wasn't so bad. This week has been a long and crappy one. We've been forgotten, ignored and left out to dry. I'm done with it. In fact we have tomorrow, which thankfully is friday, a full week and then one tuesday until we're freeeeeee. Free of APSU, free of school and free of royal crap forever. I can't wait. No more school, until I get my masters. Yes I'll get my masters, oh good lord I said that i'd never go back to school....and here I am planning for more. Its the food talking, i've eaten a bunch of chili this week and its starting to make me acted crazy. Well then, tomorrow's friday, and then a weekend of fun and games at the hospital. Weeeee. I'll let you all know how that goes..

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