to be cute...

So for all you people out there who have called me cute. All 5 foot 2 of me. Yes I'm cute and I will embrace my cute. I won't like it, but I will accept the fact that I am CUTE. Have you ever looked up the word cute....most likely not. But if you do you find out some interesting things about this four letter word (I don't think thats a quinkie dink). Its an 18th century shorting of the world Acute in the sence to be clever or shewd. So thank you, I will allow all you tall people who get neat titles like, striking to call me cute. I'll take being clever. If your wondering the weathers fine down here. Ok I should lay off the NPR on the weekends. They did a great think on 360 about the word cute that got me thinking why do people call me cute and why am I never anything else. Oh well I'll take it now.
Oh yeah.... had a good weekend went to the cool stuff down town, tasted some wine and hung out with the band P. Jones. Dana knows them. Dog sitting went well and all is well in claire-ville.

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