Fun with other peoples DNA

Ok its not other peoples as so much other peoples bacteria's dna. Yes thats true, the DNA of a bacteria. This is my first week at the state lab in Nashville. We've already done more in three days than half of my degree. But then again, I already know and understand it while my class mates just kinda stare. We got cool ID's so we can go almost anywhere in the building with them and ride the "elevator". We did this crazy gel on tuesday that runs for 17 hours, ok un-mmbb people can just glaze over here. Then the past two days I've been runnng rt-PCR and PCR. Granted its been fun but its been a huge repeat. I'm just happy to show off what I know. I've been working my butt off so the week has gone my great. I'm puppy sitting for the weekend so Jack the dog and I are hanging out. Well its almost bed time

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