Easter Sunday

This is usually a time eating for me. Get up eat, hang around eat and then spend either some semi-quality time with the Fam or friends in moscow and eat. This year though I am far from home or my beloved moscow I have still managed to round up a small heard of people to feed and enjoy this most sacred of religous holy days, hahaaaaaaaaaaa. This good eatting day. I don't reflex, other than on the roast I purchased and I almost went to church this morning, but it was with a friend who as normal as back out on me, and told me to late to go back to sleep. Though its a good thing that I didn't sleep in, I never sleep well on sundays. So any whooo. Making a lovely braise boston butt for dinner, which has actually turned into more of a 1 in the afternoon thing. Thats crazy. Making risotto and we've got like three other dishes coming so its going to be a ton and a half of food. YES. Sooo they claim today is going to be a great and sunny day, sure I'll believe it when I see it, for now I'm just chilling contemplating what I should do with my morning. Though going for a walk sounds great, its easter and I'm going to be vegatable. HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!!!!! Eat lots, laugh some and don't pass up the second helping

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