Spring has Sprung

The knitter and I went to see the Alpaca's down in West Bottoms at the Hale Arena.  It was a lovely.  All the happy-happy alpaca all fluffy and ready to show.  So many amazing colors and textures.  I purchased some nice roving to spin latter, and the best part is if I email the lady she'll send me a picture of the Alpaca it came from!

Check out how fabulous the one in the back is! His lovely fringe blowing in the wind.

SPRING!  All the bulbs (most of the bulbs) are blooming in the yard.  Since this is the first and only spring we'll spend in this house its been a big surprise to see all the pretties popping up.  So for I just have 2 mystery patches of green leaves with no blooms.  

THE TINIEST!!!! These are the most squee inducing tiny versions of a flower I have ever had the pleasure to encounter.  

Normal sized!

Pretty Purple things!

Even the lily pads are getting going.  The pond is doing well, the fish are super happy and it seems at all the large fish have survived the winter.  The frog is also making an appearance, which is pretty cool.  I really hoping for some tadpoles.  

We had the St. Barbra's Day Ball and I needed to get fancied up.

Finally I leave you with a picture of dear coworker driving.  She a walking talking cartoon character.  I don't know why she wears little while gloves or those bug glasses but she has to put them on before we go ANYWHERE!  

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