Best of a Bad Situation

I went home this last weekend for just a few days, under sad circumstances.  It wasn't unexpected but it still wasn't fun.  Except we made it fun.  With so many family and friends in one place it was actually a fare bit of fun.  We made the best of the bad situation.  

While taking the dog for her morning walkies we ran across this amazing sculpture.  A tribute to The Great State of Washington.   

Here's a close up.  

I grabbed a picture of this house.  This is the most amazing house on Queen Anne.  I've brought the colors up a little because its hard to see the detail in pictures.  

We got manis and pedis.  Which isn't something I really ever do.  I have trouble relaxing because I don't exactly know what I'm doing so its super awkward for me.  I had to take the polish on my fingers off because Edgar hated it.  He attacked my hands.  

Is this not the most fantastic chicken butt you have ever seen!?!?!  Look just look at the fluffy butt!  These hard working ladies are just up the street and are the pride of the neighborhood.  They a flock of 5, which is the max with in seattle city limits.  I visit them every time I visit home.  

Look at those fancy feet!

Edgar had to stay at bird over night camp while we were gone.  He helped me pack for his stay.  He had a good time talking to the other birds and wasn't totally made when I picked him up.  

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