The Places You Miss Most

Of course these are of Washington.  Three from our flight to the Islands last year.  The door to my beloved office back at WSU.  Some shots from our hike to Mt. St. Helens ages ago.  The coast and my beloved Mt. Rainier.  

We made a quick and painful less than 36 hour trip back to the PNW which brings back the flood of PNW love.  You also always remember the things the way you want to remember them.  So its nice just to see pictures of the spring there but not the winter.  Its spring here in full force, thunderstorms and muggy afternoons which give way to cool nights.  Kansas is okay, I guess.  In a way that I will never like, sorry Kansas you can't ever compare, you can never awwww me.  I am from Washington and there is no wheat field, apple orchard, river, mountain or coast line you can compete with.  

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