Long weekend

Ahhh I love a nice long weekend. I love them even more when they aren't because I took a day off. This means there isn't extra work for me to un-f@#k when I get back. I took full advantage of my extra off day by getting crafty. I'm stilling working hard on my Basic Black Sweater. I've finished the two fonts and the back. I will cast on for a sleeve tonight.
See I'm going to Seattle for a few days. I plan on eating and eating, and getting in some Seattle-y-ish-ness. Its a long flight so me and my iTouch are planning on a few things. The First season of Mad Men for one thing, at twenty bucks this is steal for some 13 hours of tv watching. Of course I will be knitting the whole time. Sleeves, just knitting sleeves. I didn't knit much over the long weekend but I did indulge my other crafty habits.
Big Bag
The Big Bag, with the trip coming oh so close I actually got cracking on this. I was a little put off by the instructions and the use of interfacing, but once I got started it went really fast.

Finished Big Bag
Bad lightly I know, but it was like 10 at night.

I also got out the beads...
Made a few necklaces, which this one will be featured in The Big Seattle trip.

I promise to write while I'm in the emerald city (yes that's what its called) while drinking lots of good coffee, nibbling on fried clam strips and crab cakes. The D40 is going with, so lots of pictures! A little yarn, some fabric and seafood what more could a girl want for her 4 year anniversary. Oh that's right HER HUSBAND! Oh well the Hub should be in the states and in my possession for our 5 year!

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