I saw the silliest thing today

While we were in Nash-vegas today tooling around the big-ass fancy mall I saw two of the silliest things I've laid eyes on in fashion in sometime. Both in the men's department at Macy's. They have these new more life like models like at Victoria's Secret, and there amid the men's overly priced jeans was a plastic guy with a half sleeve tattoo! WTF! The best part was that to get him in to his lounging possition they had to turn his wrist and it messed up the tattoo. Oh and one of these plastic dudes also had what I could only describe as dreds but they looked more cat sucked then anything. The other strangeness was a lovely pair of dress pants with phesents all over them. Little flying, walking, rousting upland game birds all over your ass! Nothing says I have too much money like fowl on your rump.

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