Well sorry about that. I have been here this whole time but a combination of busy, nice weather and friends have prevented me from sitting down for more than like 10 minutes. In fact on Monday I was taking out my garbage and before I new what was happening I was at Cheese Burger Charlie's and going to see the new Adam Sandler movie. When did I go back to college?
So now then, The Budgies who live in my plants has two babies! I bought fabric and a purse pattern. One tomato is quite red and very salmonella free. I finished up and started some projects. Had a great weekend and plan on having another.
Here are some pictures of the fleece project that Bluebird and I worked on two weeks ago.
Wool pre-wash YUCK!
Pre-wash (and kinda out of focus)

Wool wash round one
Mid wash

Wool wash round 3
Final wash

Finished wool
All done out in the sun

I was amazed at how little work it was to wash the wool but we have a ton of it and its going to take a while. Sunday afternoon might be carding day.

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