Down the Rabbit Hole

At 2:55 this morning I rolled over, opened one eye and looked at my super large digit'ed clock. "ahh good, he got a ride home and I can sleep out the last few hours in peace" as soon as I rolled back over and found the cool side of the pillow my phone rang. DRAT! Even if you know that a mid-night phone call is coming it still scares the piss out of you, and you can never not sound like you're stuck in a watery cave. The Hub and I make a rule of making sure friends never have to go to post by themselves or return from the international date line alone. So up I was at the ass crack of dawn. This was were while driving in the dark I slipped down the rabbit hole. I didn't notice it had happened until the morning light.
All seemed normal, but as I was driving in to work happily drinking my french press coffee a guy starts waving at me from his jeep. WAVE WAVE WAVE, window down. Mmmmmm this is worth the laugh lets see. After a brief stop light conversation with a man who thought "he knew me" and wasn't sure "I was from around here" both answers were NO! The light changed and I nearly wet my pants laughing. All was going well at work until my mid-sixties bossman came into the lab and stood there by my bench and stated for all those who could here (he talks very low) "I need my ears swabbed" WHHHHHAT, "Claire does that human stuff" was the boss lady's reply. So there I was swabbing my bosses old man ears. The man is a PhD is Micro I sure as shit hope he knows how to collect a sample on his own. It only went down hill from there. The bursting out in laughter for no reason from lack of sleep and strange events. The fact that we ran clean out of usable blood plates, followed by my clinching of the May Quality Star award.
My advise to anyone is, take the beer. When someone offers you a beer at 4am take it. Say "work sucks, I'm calling in sick" and drink the beer and maybe another one. Go home get back into bed and tried to start the day all over again much latter. Because if something as strange as beer before breakfast is offered you know its not going to be a normal day.

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