Oh thats right I have time now...

Well any whoooo. Without all that pesky studying to do I've actually had time to do things, but really haven't. In fact I've been frantically cleaning my home. Top to bottom. Its just generally grubby. Little dead bugs in the spots that you never really see, and dust. My place looks great. I still have a few big things to do. Like the Kitchen and the front closet. Lots of cleaning. I still debating if I want to mess with the move or not. For like 50ish bucks more a month I get a bigger place with a patio and big kitchen but I do have to move and moving is a bitch. Moving moving moving, yuck yuck yuck. Plus all that pesky address change. Today was the best, I finally cleaned the piss out of the office. Its sooooooooo clean so nice, actually able to leave the door open again!!!!! I need to get the bathroom finished too, I need to get some stuff for the bathroom because nothing matches in there and its driving me a little nutters. I want some pictures for the walls. Well then Its time to go to bed. Talk to you latter.

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