Budgies a go-go

Well that has nothing to do with this post but it sounds good. SO I've been driving the mini almost everywhere I go these days. Learning to drive and drive and drive. Learn the art of turns and such. Still start to get panic-ie on hills, and don't maintain good petal pressure on the gas causing an almost stall. This is my problem. I'm working hard on it though. What else have I been up to. Went on a shopping spree in nashville for yarn, see soyouknit for those stories. Been studying very hard, hahaaaa. I should have know some leave dates by now but there has been some problems with como these days. Things beening how they are and such. Mmmmm things I've been doing things I've been doing. Today I slept because I worked last night. I got up and worked out and grocery shopped. Knitted and studyed. I also drove out to see Jen and safe her from the hell that was the last FRG meeting. At chuckie cheese. It wasn't pretty. Then we went for dinner. Adults should talk to adults. Small children also scare the crap out of me. I popped on over to Amanda's for tea and cookies and to watch some Daily show. It was good fun. Now I'm home watching tv and bloging. Wow what a life. Oh and Mike if you still read this thing, would you freakin email me. Nightie-night

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