Adventures in Driving Volume II

Soo after many many fowl words, very unlady like fowl words too, I felt good enough or stupid enough to take the mini out to some roads with street lights. So It wasn't to bad, I'm finding that magic place here the car stalls out and where it doesn't. Resisting the urge to floor it, when I have a chance to go, but I'm getting better. I didn't stall it, not like the first night I drove it. I got some good driving in, with some little hills, figured out about that, gotta find that magic clutch in clutch out spot. But over all I'm doing it. The jetta just in no where as fun to drive as the mini. Sorry Jetta. Not to mention there's nothing like driving a car that makes people smile when they see it. Well me and and mini with its limo tint windows are going to take the rest of the day off, and maybe just maybe if I'm silly enough I'll drive it work tomorrow.

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