Hell might have frozen over......

Yes thats right. I went and lounged by the pool in the sun in my swim suite and I didn't burn. We're talking like 4 hours of sun exposure. Granted I don't have a tan to show for it but I'm just proud I didn't burn. So I worked a bunch this week, which has been educational and fun at the same time. I've also learned that I'm ok at 3am, 4 isn't usually a good time but 3 not bad. So about the pool thing, yeah so that was odd, I've never been a lay in the sun and do nothing kinda person. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. But it wasn't a bad time. I headed out to dinner with my friend Caryn that night and then back home for a few beers and a movie. Today was short on sleep and long on doing nothing. So I should round up my study stuff for the week.

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