Finally Friday..........

Well its not actually Friday but it feels like it me. I worked three days straight. All 36 hours at once. It was great to get it done, but it also sucked. Really freaking sucked. Mmmmmm what has happened since monday, oh yeah NOTHING. I haven't been awake or not working long enough to do anything. I took out some garbage, slept a lot. I even did a little yoga. But just once. Tomorrow I'll really work out. So did you see this thing on CNN about the women who beat the dog breader with a dead dog. Then as she drove away hung the dead dog out of the sun roof. Its sad and funny at the same time. Not to mention that while I was watching tv there's a rock paper, scissors event that will be on TV. I think AandE is starting to loose sight of the arts and entertainment thing. Oh well. Strange things.

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