Adventures in Driving Volume I

Well now then... I got my cooper after some work. A little here and little there, and then boom no more passat Hello Cooper. It took all day but its mine now. The Mini as you can see is a fantastic color, and about the same color of my hair. It also has about 20% tints and black leather sooooooo when stopped at a light and having a cop behind me, guess what happened. Um yeah, BIG HUGE LIGHT!!!!!!! I got lit up by a cop at like 9pm driving the mini with my friends in it. Seeing as I'm not a native stick driver, I'm still stalling it at least once each time I drive it. But I did drive it down town for dinner. Everytime i drive it I love it, but it also freaks me out. So my dream car is mine now. Weeeeeeeeeee

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