oops, sorry about the delay

Yeah really sorry about that, I had no idea that it was the 10th already. Sooooooooo.... really in the past ten days I haven't done much of anything other than finish like my umpteeth baby hat for the like 17 kids i know being born in the comming months or have already been born. UGH. I guess I am the only one out there with out the urg. No, no not saying that I don't want kids, or my friends with kids are doing something silly, I just haven't found that maternal instinct yet. Some times a catch a feelting glimps of it at work when I stick a reaaaaaaaly cute baby in the heel for its blood tests. Then I relise that its actually indigestion from the nasty coffee. But truely I'm kinda excited about some of my friends kids, Aaron, Emerald thats you. Fun people having fun kids, this is our goal. It just means I get to knit up some super fun baby stuff too. Ok back to my life. I've been at work a bunch. Took a friday off because I could, it was great, great I tell you. This week only lasted 3 days for me, because thursday was campus day. Yeah i took a god damn 200 question test yesterday. that freeakin sucked. Came home and wasted the rest of the day it was great. Then today Jen and i hit the big city in search of yarn. We hit up all three of the great yarn stores in nashville. i got some great wool to make a new felted bag, since mine has seen better days, plus I want to make it with longer handles so i can put it over my sholder. Like anyone cares about my knitting projects sorry about my ramblings. Well I'm pooped and i should eat some dinner, because its been about 7 hours since I consumed anything.

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