Don't wish to hard

So as the return of summer here in the South loomed nearer with warm days that actually stretched into the 80's I began to fear the comming of a hooooot summer, not my thing. And as I jelously eyed the cool temps in my home state I wished for a few more cool rainy days and bitterly windy mornings. Well in a unique twist of meterological fate, it might snow here tonight. Great. Well if it did I could miss work tomorrow and that would be great because I'm a little bored. Really I feel bad about not writing in the ol' blog but I have little to discuse these days. Work, home, workout, knit. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Though I don't get enough of that sleeping thing. I went and took my exit exam from APSU last week and it silly, really silly. The test is really a tests skills test. They want to know how well you can work the system. St. Patricks day wasn't that great, it was fun but not the kind of fun that should happen on a night of good food and drinking. I couldn't even get to the bar to get a drink and so was forced to drink what ever beer was bought, and me and beer...... well I never got remotly drunk. There was a green shot of something and that helped but didn't really do the trick. In the end I was drop dead sobber when i hit the pillow at 1am. I had a great time with Tom and Liz though, we had fun watching the crazy people that were out and watching there friend make an ass of him self over and over again, I was having Tom flash backs. Saturday was shopping day, and I bought some clothes. oooooo new jeans. Sunday was dinner at Evan and Amanda's yummmm! Monday was a monday. Driving with Super-twit is starting to grate on my already worn nerves. With her constant reliance on her father and going on and on and on about her inane life I'm going to go fucking crazy. I went to her little house today and it is a whole. You couldn't pay me to live in that house, or in that neighborhood. I made the mistake of letting her father drive my car, he left it unlocked with the KEY IN IT!!!!!!!!! When i learned that I nearly killed him. My car may not look like much but its my F-ing car not to mention It can't be replaced. If want that car and no other car. But then again they just throw money at shit. Well enough of my ranting and raving about all things stupid in my life. I should be going out to dinner with Dana tonight but I have a sneaking suspition it won't be happening. Thanx for the email Big Windy.

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