weee snow day

So after complaining a bit about the weather having trouble with days of the week I get a day off. It was really icy last night and this morning so we didn't go in. Its nice, I'm still in bed, ok got up and then got back in, its sooooooo warm and happy here. I had a great weekend. Went and did just tons of useless shopping. Didn't really buy anything just looked and looked. I did finally get my new glasses which I love. They are great. I got some more yarn, did you hear that that was another whole in my head. I will make a sweater out of it and it was on clearance so i gave it a good home. I tried some great makeup on too. So its nasty out and I'm just happy to a day off that we should have had off any way because its freakin presidents day. But no seems to care. So now I get a three day unplanned weekend. Damn. I should fold all my clothes that I left in the drier last night. Plus do that grocery shopping that needed to be done and mmmm take out the garbage. Yeah this blog is worth reading. Talked with ross this morning and he's doing great. Damn its like nearly 9 my time so I should get off my ass on my way to doing something. k

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