its been a long freaking week

So its been a really long week, a really long god damn week, and thank god its over. I missed monday because of the snow and i thought that would change the way the week went but no. There was serious emotional drama thanks to my car-pool mate. I was worn down before i could even give the week a chance. i was tired from tuesday on, wednesday was long, and then i went a knitting, which is where the fastfood came from. Thursday wasn't so bad, it look a while for 3 to get there and it was busy, freakin' busy. I guess the whole of city has found a reason to come to the hospitals ER and no one thought to bring a vein. I've been working my tail off, I've never had a tail really. Well then there was today, a day that dragged on like well, it dragged. They sent me home early, and it could have come soon enough. I feel like such a tool at work because i can't use the computer, so i'm no use to them. i just hang around breathing other peoples air. Got home and kicked around until Amanda and I went for a walk downtown and got a little shopping done. That was cool, I found a great sweater for nothing. Amanda found some great stuff too, I should go back to look harder. On the walk home we saw Dana and her mom so we went to dinner with them, yum yum. We went to the black horse, oooo got put the left overs away..... ok back. well then i've got knitting to do and csi to watch. Ok take care.

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