Fat Tuesday and a Fat lot of nothing

Yeah, sooooo lets see. Its fat tuesday and the last day of the month. Crazy, its already the end of the month. Though its has felt like nothing much has happened things are actually truley exciting, HAHAHAAA. Well then last night I had to corral a way ward cat. Tungstan managed to find his way out side via a pulled open front door. Stupid people. They can't seem to figure out the front of the building and so they pull on peoples front doors. Well thanx to an over load of weather stripping the lock didn't catch and one stupid person and doooom, out door cats. Well mr. cardon was toooo fat to get through the door. i was a little panicie because i didn't know how long that the door was open. i ran around and around yelling for kitties. Finally he showed him self, scared out of his little furry mind. I had to wrangle him inside, but when he heard his brother he ran right on in. By the time he made it in Dana was there and we got to work keeping kitties in. Well they did stay in. But most of monday was really uneventful. Work, drive, late, home. She can never get things straight, i don't know how hard it is after the first time you mess up. My weekend was pretty much a bust too, but I went to the grocery, woooooo. Today was another day of getting there late, and being freakin' bored. I spent the morning playing with antibodies in plasma, I played the cell game and it was fun. But there was a lot waiting around for things to incubate. I got a stick at another patient, it was good, two good sticks in two days. It is still fat tuesday as we speak, I had lunch up at the restaurant today because our cook is from LA, and he made great fat tuesday chow. I even got beads with out all the showing of body parts. Then back to the salt mines, ugh. Homeward, and then to going nothing, a bunch of nothing. So now then, Mike you have fun on that plane ride. Call when you get there. -ca

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