The Weekly Claire: Bringing it Back

I'm bring the Weekly Claire back! 

I'm trying to take pictures throughout the week.  Edgar got some good reading in, but put it passed the little bugger he's crazy smart.  He regularly asks "whatch doing?".  

I started the "Night Manger" in preparation for the AMC mini-series coming this spring.  I'm excited to see how they turn it into a show since its a beast of a book.  Since its coming with me to work for lunch reading I hope to get through it before the show begins.

SNOW! We had a mid-day snow event on tuesday and they sent us home early.  It put a huge cramp in my week but it also took me 1.5 hours to get home (55 minutes normally).  One dude took a right hand turn a little fast and almost took out Sheldon while we waited to turn left.  Luckily I didn't pull up all the way to accommodate left hand turners from the other side not thinking some turd would gun his New Century and its massive front would drift.  

Trex (our local gas station) has the BEST food and it was meatloaf day, so naturally we went for lunch.  I customized my togo box. I did some questionable unsafe, gloveless, coatless science but seriously whats new with me on that.  Designed a new emoji, which is soooo lacking. Got a walk in when the sun finally came out and snapped some pictures of the creek looking fab in its wintery splendor.  Then took advantage of the sunshine to get you some nice photos of my great birthday boots, the sweater I'm knitting and Orchid in all its glory.  Then finished out the morning by making braised short ribs with figs!

BAM! How that for a week.  Decides T.W.C I'll get you an updated BOOKS! To read and listen to.  Plus more, I don't know, more crafting! sewing! food!  

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