I'm a grown up, I promise

 I am! I am! I am!.  I did however get the best Lego set for my birthday. All like 400+ pieces.  I admit to savoring it, and putting it together slowly because it was just too much fun.

Not only do you get a TARDIS, which is "bigger on the inside" but the 11th and 12th Doctors.  Clara too (though I am not a huge Clara fan, I'm pretty trilled with 12th Doctor's angry eyebrows).  Two Daleks and a Weeping Angel round out the set.

The whole set is so very clever.  The TARDIS closes up!


Sooooo while I was cleaning my office this weekend I realized I might have a small Lego mini-figure problem.  Just a little.

These two ladies have a very important job......

Thanks Gals!

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