I love Orangina, but I never drink it. It's for a few reasons. Mainly because it's hard to find in C-ville but also because it very sugary. I know I've kinda forgotten about my blog, but my hardrive is 'bout full and I can't risk adding more pic until I can move some stuff around. In April I should be getting a new computer, all new bits and pieces. Spot the Younger has been with me for 4 years and its about time to replace the little bugger. I've got it all picked out just gotta wait a few more weeks. So I talked to a friend whom I haven't heard from in like 4 years. Lots has changed in those four years since I got this thing. Like he's married and has a kid, crazy. He's going over seas in a few monthes really for the first time, we're just finishing our second full deployment. Hopefully we'll get out to see them sometime before he heads out. I don't really know where time goes sometime.

BTW: We BBQ'd tonight and made cedar smoked Salmon and some grilled Sea Bass. Also I whipped up some white truffle mac and cheese to go with. Yum YUM. I really have been knitting too I promise!

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