A wheel I could Love

I've been resisting the urge to buy a wheel, hell to even spin. I have a drop spindle that I bought a year plus ago and it was used about twice and then stuffed away. The sheer cost of wheel has kinda put me off, and that I really didn't want to pay for something I wasn't thrilled with. Either too busy, too big or just down right ugly I have never seen a wheel that combined usefulness and beauty (the way I see it). I grew up with a cabinet maker for a dad, everything from the bedside tables to the bathroom vanities where custom and beautiful. This weekend at the Fiber Fair I was smitten. The Schacht Matchless, but at the cost I nearly fell over. To my joy there is a little baby Schacht much like the MINI Cooper. DB is all BMW under the hood and affordable fun on the outside. The Ladybug will be mine by the end of the summer.

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