Lab Week Wrap-Up

We had a great Lab Week. Almost everyone in the building helped out and had fun. Monday started with "MEGA" break goodies. I should have taken pictures but forgot until it was too late. The food went very fast. We handed out contest rules and got our first look at the baby pictures. Wednesday was the Bake-off and birthday BBQ. Super good food and some super creative birthday cakes. My Pear Custard Pie didn't get eaten, but I wasn't expecting it to. Next year I'm not going for fancy, but creative. As we waited for Friday's sack lunch exchange all the labs worked on the Door decorating contest. While we didn't win for our door, we had the most lab produced art. In the end it was great, we all had so much fun and we're ready for next year! Oh and Friday was the 50th anniversary of the Double Helix, at least so I heard on NPR.

Other than that, I've worked on my lawn and planted some things. Working away on the "something red" sweater. Also trying to will my yard to stop looking silly. I mowed it just to get the weeds down. I then patched it with this funny green blanket stuff. If this doesn't work I may pull it all up. Next week BARK!!! I'll be ordering my 5 yards some time this week. After all this its time for pizza.

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