Four days off

After my four day weekend, which ends today, I can say I did next to nothing. I cleaned the house and did a lot of laundry, a whole lot of laundry. I really didn't knit as much as I thought I would, I really thought I would finish a sleeve and begin to put it togeather. DAMN. I did how ever begin to knit a lovely hat for a wee Ford that is due in early Dec. Its green and very soft. I hope they like it, but its too big for a newborn. I this lovely collection of yarn on the chair right now in green and coral it looks great. Besides the Zoo I haven't done much of anything. I cleaned out the piss-ant today its very happy, very happy. I cleaned out the inside and got all the junk out of it. Makes me feel good. There was a ton of garbage in it, just little things, wrappers and stuff. I went to TJ max to find a new purse yesterday after I had lunch with Tammy, but found nothing that I wanted or that was in my price range. Today however I went to Belks who has a great selection and a crazy shoe department. I didn't find anything I want in the shoe world. I really want to find a pair of boots that I can wear with my jeans, rolled up. I did find a great nine west on sale for cheap. It might just be the last of the good ones, all the rest are really ugly. Well I know that I have a three day week weeeee, and Ross is taking a four day pass so he and Mike can have a good time. Ok well other than that not much has been going on.

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