I miss Idaho

Around this time of year in Idaho the first freak freeze would have come to moscow. I would need my coat but I still would wear my flip/flops until the first snow. Instead its 90 today and the evenings get to about 70 and stays that way!!!! I'm peved or vexed I can't deside. I just know I want it to be fall so bad I can hardly stand it. I'm wearing long sleave shirts and jeans, well I have to because the AC is set to like 65 in all the buildings on campus because everyone is fat here. I got a ride to schoool and home today so I feel good, no walking in the heat. Frankie Ra is almost done with loosing his feathers so he's feeling much better now, but now his feathers are growing back and he feels a little funny about it, he's not so keen on coming out right now. I have a test in Microbiology tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Ok Claire

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