I have lost my mind

Its true, its a good thing I'm going back to work next week (hopefully).  On one hand I'm finding it not so bad to have no pressing matters at hand and to try my hand at random projects, but on the other my brain is bored.  So bored I got a book on learning Excel.  I've never been great at it, so I figured I should be better at it.  Plus everything is in crazy places now since the 2010 update.  Its been good learning.  The other thing I've jumped into is QUILTING!  I know I know.  I guess I've always kinda wanted to do it and a very good opportunity has arisen here in Leavenworth.  Our new quilt shop, Meadows Quilting and Sewing is doing a Quilt block a month thing.  I buy the first block for 5 bucks, if I finish the block (it comes with the fabric and the pattern instructions) in a month I bring it back and show them, and get the next block for free.  This goes on and on for 9 months and then we put it all together.  I'm giving it a go.  To get ready, and since the only quilts I ever made were hand sewn ones for my dolls I picked up a book.

I made this.

Hey nice feet.  This was picture I tried to take when I found out my phone had died.  

 Half way there

All pieced together


Its not the best, but for a first try I'm not going to complain.  I might make a full sized one.  It wasn't exactly fun, but was satisfying.  

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