Last Minute Gifts

 I know I've said this before, but I'm big on the whole Christmas thing.  It sorta freaks me out.  All those expectations and wants.  Hub and I don't do presents anymore.  Just birthdays, that are both in december.  This year I'm striving to make all my gift, sans a few.  They aren't going to be big things.  Back when I was unemployed and living in OK, I was able to make PJ's for my mom and a mess of great gifts for the folks at my old lab.  Last year was just a wash, but this year its small gifts.  Small, tasty gifts.

Washington Riesling Wine Jelly
2 bottles Washington Riesling 
3 cups raw sugar
1.5 packages no sugar needed pectin 
Heat up the wine until boiling, add the pectin and slowly stir in the sugar.  Cook until the sugar dissolves, it generally takes a while with the raw sugar.  Keep stirring. Add to cleaned jars and process for 5 minutes, if you want to can it.  Keep it in the fridge otherwise, but it won't last long.

Serve with crackers, sharp, blue or stinky cheeses.  Fruit and a dry salami also go great.  Or just eat with a spoon. 

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