To tell the truth I still sing the alphabet song in my head every time.  Its the only way I know it.  Every time I file, and every time the tubes get laid out for my daily PCR'er. 

While flitting about the interwebs wasting time I spotted this on the freshly redesigned Oohleela.

A. age :: 29, until December

B. bed size :: queen

C. chore you hate :: parakeet cage cleaning, he bites sometimes

D. dogs :: My parents have two, Dot and Madam.  Maddie passed away last year.  When she was good she was my dad's when she was bad, she was mine. 

E. essential start to your day :: Crossfit

F. favorite color :: GREEN, currently its more teal.

G. gold or silver :: silver

H. height :: short

I. instruments you play :: I can press play

J. job title :: Micro-fricking-biologist  (I take far to much pride in my title, by it was actually what I got a degree in, so I'm super proud of myself)

K. kids :: Yey, no

L. live :: Tacoma, WA

M. maiden name :: McCann

N. nicknames :: I'll respond to almost anything, except "shorty" (I'll beat you senseless, and don't think I won't.  I've got lots of short girl grummies)

O. overnight hospital stays :: Twice, nothing serious

P. pet peeve :: stupid

Q. quote :: "entropy is still promoting chaos"

R. righty or lefty :: righty, but I do a lot of things with my left hand.

S. siblings :: See "D"

T. time you wake up :: ASS CRACK-O-DAWN

U. university attended :: University of Idaho (BS MICRO) Austin Peay State University (BS MT)

V. vegetables you dislike: eggplant, and raw tomatoes

W. what makes you run late :: People who can't merge

X. x-rays you’ve had :: mid section, ankle, teeth

Y. yummy food ::Braised short ribs

Z. zoo animal favorite :: THE WHOLE THING!!!! I love love love the zoo.  We go to the zoo in every city we visit.  I wanted to be a zoologist for a long time, but I find that I like helping the animals stay healthy and safe better (I work for a vet. diagnostic lab)

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