Yes I like some OK GO, in fact the new album is seriously tempting me but this is not what this post is about. Its about the MOVE!!! The long awaited 4 day drive-fest which is our relocation to the great state of Washington and the City of Destiny, Tacoma. Its sounds darn impressive but it was just a marketing ploy by railroad, but I'm not saying that Tacoma doesn't live up to its name and in the last few years it has seriously improved. As I type the carpets are being cleaned and then I go to post for Hub's Graduation (this is like him getting his army masters) pick up so goodies at the WAL*MART (hopefully that is the last time I shop there for a few years) and return to the house to have the exterminator come and then turn in the key. Since you can't stay in the house after "inspection" we decided to drive to the nearest major city for the night, which is Amarillo. This gives us a very nice 8 hour drive tomorrow to Denver where we stay at the wonderful Hotel Talbert. I'm seriously excited about seeing my aunt and uncle in Denver since I haven't since, well its been about two years. Now that we are moving its about a 2.5 hour flight to see them and I feel that there might be some weekend trips to Denver.
I'll post from the Road promise.

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