Green weekend

Clarksville stepped up this weekend and opened a real Farmers Market. Not a lot of veg yet but the city is working on it. I was happy to see a few grain fed beef vendors with sign ups, a few organic growers and some crafts. Without any veg to buy I picked up some nice plants from Nancy's Herb Garden.

My tomatoes are also doing a nice job of doing what they do best.

So on thursday we drove out to nowhere for a hail and farewell, when I asked Hub where we we're going for this dinner he answered "a Quonset Hut in the middle of nowhere. I laughed. No really folks it was a quonset hut in the middle of nowhere decorated with a ton of 101st stuff. I have no pictures, but we had no bars on our phones.

I've been knitting too, a co-worker and I are knitting a shrug together. We've picked the Textured Circle Shrug from Glam Knits.
I'm using UltraAlpaca which is one of my fav yarns. We're working our way through, and I'll keep you up to date.

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Lacey said...

How do you have tomatoes already? I wish mine would hurry up and produce!