Deck the Halls

So I'm not really decking the halls these day, not the upstairs one or the basement hall. I've been stupid busy at work and at home with the up coming holidays. Last weekend I put up the plastic tree and all the various christmas stuff. All week long I've typed, knitted and puttered along.

PATTERN: A Stork's Nest Scarf by Nancy Bush From Jan/Feb Piecework
START: Oh you don't want to know
FINISH: DEC. 7, 2008
YARN: Knitpicks Showdow Vineyard

I loved knitting this scarf. The pattern repeats three times then shifts. Its soooo easy to memorize and can actually be worked while you're at work. The yarn is warm and squishy. I would like to have some blocking wires to help get the pattern to show better.

After spending the week in Florida, ugh, my neighbor brought me back a gift. It was kinda a Homer Simpson gift. FISH. A giant bag of Grouper, with the stipulation that I cook for the weekly get-together.

A thick layer of sweet onions then lay the fish over it. Slather the fish in an equal mix of mayo and mustard. Lots of salt and pepper, more onions, think sliced lemon and parsley. All wrapped up in foil and baked at 350 until it was flaky. mmm de-lish.

My co-workers boys have been rounding up the eggs and selling them for $2.oo a dozen....

Toast and eggie!

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