Not to jinx it..

...but come on already. We're super slow these days at the lab, and I don't know why. Its been cold and rainy, though not at the same time. Cold and dry one day and wet and mild the next. I guess the cows just aren't getting E.coli from each other any more. Here we test samples from both living animals, sent in from vets offices, and DEAD animals that we process here. Normally the bulk of work comes from the dead critters. We were to have this major "fall rush" which never seemed to happen, except from a brief push in October. mmmmm so that leads me to my next question what should I do with myself. Write out christmas cards, hit up amazon.com for gifts, or just sit here with blogging at work. I would knit but I do draw the line some where when it comes to big nasty germs and hobbies. I used to knit at the hospital but that was different, no bacteria just blood products and bodily fluids. I make it a rule not to knit where I wouldn't drink coffee, but x-mas cards they're fair game so don't lick them ok. Stayed up to watch the football game last night, grrrrrrrr I really wanted the tom brady to loose, grrrrrr. Oh well they'res always next week. Time for lunch!!

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