Ahhh Sundays

Sundays are for getting up late, non-church goer here, and laundry. Today I am sans-hubby because he's over at Andrews watching more football than any one person should be able to watch in any given weekend but thats what NFL sunday pass is all about. I've got laundry, hair dying and some good old fashioned bathroom scrubbing to do!! Lucky for me we have TWO bathrooms now and the guests, oh guests my ass, the guys and neighbor who come over every saturday night are rather clean and that bathroom doesn't need much attention. Hubby's field uniforms aren't bad either so I'm down to like 2 loads today. If I play me cards right I can be done with all the house madness by 3 to watch the Sea-chickens play Tampa Bay, sure.
Enjoy these tasty burgers from last night.....mmmmm

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