So damn hot!!!

Yes it's hot here, so don't ask. It's like I'm in a giant steam room all the time. I just keep waiting for a fat man in towel to walk by. ewwie. Went to see charlie and the chocolate factory over the weekend. It was great!!!!!! So strange and yet so fun. Finished harry potter, which is sad but it had to happen. I also made some rolls and did a bunch of laundry. You can't go outside it just too damn hot.
I took a test today and my favorite teacher quit. needless to say things are kinda crapie I don't even have another book to read, damn! I do have another test this week too, but its all half days. And on the cooler side we might get a cold front which could bring us down to a chilly 88.
heres a funny southern fact for you, in the summer people have their air down around 60 and in the winter they have the heat up to like 80. mmmm I want 70 all year round in side. I want to wear my sweater that I made. Everyone say Hi to Aaron and Emerald in nampa id. HI! ok well gotta go.

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